Orgasm not strong enough?

Posted by womentc in Menopause & Painful Sex, Painful Sex (Dyspareunia), Sexual Dysfunction 16 Feb 2013

From a patient: “My orgasm isn’t strong enough — what can I do?”

The intensity (strength) of the female orgasm depends on many factors such as age, emotional state of the moment, physical health, medication intake, relationship issues, mode of arousal, phase of life (i.e. after giving birth, menopause), illness, preoccupation with life’s crises, baby’s sleeping in same room, feeling more or less romantic at the moment, sexual boredom, and the list goes on…

How strong ‘should’ an orgasm be? In reality, there is no better parameter than ‘did I enjoy it, and was I satisfied?’  Some women will only have mini-gasms, while other will enjoy maxi-gasms; some will alternate between them depending on the long list above.

Using a vibrator will tend to speed up sexual arousal and give stronger orgasms because of its higher amplitude of clitoral stimulation.  Should you always reach for the vibrator?

While having the most awesome orgasm every time is an appealing proposition, reality is not that rosy.  A woman should recognize the complexity described above and accept it as part of female sexual life.