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Reluctant to Use Condoms?!

16 May 2012 Posted by Ditza Katz in Women's Health

We've been shocked lately by the large number of female patients who expressed reluctance to use condoms with their partners despite the risk of exposure to STIs (Sexually Transmitted infections, the current terminology). At first we thought they were not informed of the risk -- but...

Vaginismus: Penis too big?

03 Apr 2012 Posted by Ditza Katz in Vaginismus Blog

While nature created us suitable for copulation, there are times when size matters. She says: "He feels too big to fit inside my vagina.  When we try, I feel that I am being torn, and the vaginal opening will often bleed.  Try as we may, he...

Women & Perfect Sex

06 Aug 2011 Posted by Ditza Katz in Sexual Dysfunction, Women's Health

Heterosexual sex in the media tends to portray the engaging couple as always 'into it,' forever moving smoothly about their sexual actions, knowing exactly what they like and how they like it, all body parts fitting just so, the woman is always interested/eager/ready for the...

Vaginismus: Vagina too small?

14 Apr 2011 Posted by Ditza Katz in Vaginismus Blog

A typical comment voiced by women with vaginismus is, "my doctor told me I have a very small vagina."  This diagnosis may reassure the woman that indeed there is a physical problem but at the same time, it raises concern about the normal use of...