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The speculum

30 Jul 2008 Posted by womentc in Vaginismus Blog

The speculum is a 'duckbill-like' instrument that is used at time of a gynecologic exam to hold the vaginal walls open so that the 'inside' can be visualized. Sort of like you putting your hand into a sock and spreading your fingers to hold it...

Constipation & sex

19 Jul 2008 Posted by womentc in Sexual Dysfunction, Women's Health

In basic terms, the vaginal canal runs parallel to the urethra (urine tube) that is above it, and to the anal canal that is below it. In other words, the three tubes run parallel and touch each other, with the vagina being in the middle. If...

Sleeping with a tampon?

25 Jun 2008 Posted by womentc in Vaginismus Blog, Women's Health

Contrary to widely circulating myths, it is perfectly safe to use a tampon overnight = tampons are 'safe' inside the vagina for many hours. You may not know this but, gynecological surgeries will often end with a gauze packing in the vagina for 24 hours to...

Tips for gyno exam

21 Feb 2008 Posted by womentc in Women's Health

When scheduled for an elective (non-emergency) gynecologic exam, you may want to follow these tips: Bring a list containing date of last period, names of prescription medications you are taking, socks if you like your feet kept warm in the stirrups, and questions you want...