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Last week was the 50th anniversary of The Pill.  Did you know that the original Pill contained 5 times as much hormones as today’s efficient Pill? And, did you know that The Pill was the first medication designed for a ‘healthy person?’

Despite the widespread use of The Pill, women continue to wonder about missing a dose, or if there is a need to take it at the same time every day.  For answers, read our Blog post titled, The Pill.

Interestingly enough, despite never missing a dose , many women are still worried about getting pregnant and either forbid the partner from ejaculating inside the vagina and/or make him don a condom! Is there really a need for such double protection????  The answer: no, as long as you do not miss a dose.  Of course, you may still want him to use a condom when protection against Sexually Transmitted Diseases is needed.

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