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Posted by Ditza Katz in Women's Health 09 May 2015

Study Sees Improving Survival Odds for Ovarian Caner: Women diagnosed today 50 percent less likely to die than they were in the 1970s, researchers say.  “There is better surgery, better chemo and better ways to deliver the chemo. More recently, there has also been a better understanding of the biology and genetics of the cancer.”

Why Menopause Isn’t the Sex Killer You Thought It Was: the researchers expected that sexual drive and problems with sexual function would increase with time and be higher among women after menopause.  But it was not so.  “The best predictor of how your sex life will change, in fact is where you start.  Women reporting issues… at the start of the study, for instance, were more likely to continue to have those issues at the end of the study… Where you start doesn’t have to dictate where you end up with it comes to sexual function…You can change things sometimes surprisingly for the better, although you are getting older.”

Survey Finds That Most Women Do Not Know Female-Specific Signs, Symptoms Of Stroke – symptoms of stroke can be different for women, and may include hiccups, dizziness that is not classic vertigo, headaches, atypical chest pain and/or numbness of the entire body with one side being more numb than the other.

Healthy eating and reduced risk of cognitive decline: “A diet that skimps on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and fish and includes lots of fried foods, red meat and alcohol is highly likely to pave a road to cognitive ruin.”