Reviews of our new book, Parting the Curtains

Posted by Ditza Katz in Menopause & Painful Sex, Painful Sex (Dyspareunia), Sexual Dysfunction, Vaginismus Blog, Vulvodynia & Vulvar Vestibulitis, Women's Health 08 Sep 2015

We are delighted to share the following reviews of our new book, Parting the Curtains – a Woman’s Handbook of Sex and SexualityKatz_Curtains front

  • Posted on Amazon by a physician: I am an obstetrician and gynecologist, and this book has become a “go-to” for many of the patients I take care of. The calm, rational, and informative explanations of everything from anatomy to relationships, from birth control and menopause have provided women with a wealth of knowledge and an excellent reference to keep forever. Thank you for empowering women everywhere, and making my job a bit easier!!!
  • Posted on by a (male) clinical sexologist: The author’s years of research, teaching and treating women with sexual challenges comes together in a well written, clear, practical and informative book. I have already sent a copy to my sister and niece. While the subtitle is A Woman’s Handbook of Sex and Sexuality, it’s a wonderful read for the men in their lives as well. This book will be a supplementary book for the Human Sexuality courses I teach. Bravo to Katz & Tabisel.
  • An email we received from a religious woman: I just finished reading your new book “Parting the Curtains.” Having received it today in the afternoon, I completed reading it in (almost) one sitting. I found the book modestly written yet chock full of practical information.
  • From a 68-year-old menopausal woman: My friends are very happy for me, and we all agree that we have never before talked so much about sex! I loaned your book to one of my girlfriends and when she is done reading it, I will pass it along to the other one. We are all enjoying our “second chance.”

The book is available in print (softcover) and eBook formats.