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Sex After Baby, Sex with Endometriosis, and more videos

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Sex After Baby: * Not feeling sexy after childbirth * Painful sex postpartum * Sex hurts * Sex and anxiety after giving birth * Postpartum depression * Vaginismus * Fear of having sex after baby * Vaginal dryness after giving birth.

Sex with Endometriosis: * Is sex with endometriosis safe? * Intercourse with endometriosis * Painful sex with endometriosis * Sex positions with endometriosis * Vaginal lubrication with endometriosis * Anxiety and endometriosis * Sex after endometriosis surgery * Vaginismus.

I Have No Sexual Joy During Intercourse: * I have no sexual joy with a penis inside; I am numb. Something must be wrong with me; * Is penis in vagina arousing to all women? * Female sexual arousal is different than the male’s; * Female orgasm.

Preparing for a Gynecologic Exam – the 48-Hour Rule: How to prepare for your next elective (non-emergency) gynecologic examination? In addition to gathering your information & questions for discussion, follow this simple tip to ensure that your vagina is suitably cleansed and comfortably moist for the Pap smear.

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