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Sex and longevity

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Life expectancy has grown dramatically over the years, carrying sex and sexuality with it.

  • During the Roman Empire time (approx 2000 years ago), life expectancy averaged 22-25 years.
  • In the 1400s, life expectancy was 48
  • In the early 1900s: 53
  • By 1985, life expectancy rose to 62
  • Today we look at an average 78 years of longevity

While males are built to engage in sexual activities for as long as they can to ensure the continuation of the human race (Viagra or Cialis anyone?), female sexuality peaks during childbearing years, after which menopause sets in as if a sign goes on saying ‘Job is Done.’  That said, sex and sexuality must have been in high gear during the Roman Empire time: young people with sex hormones hard at work, enjoying their (short) life.  With increased longevity, female sexuality began to follow the above-mentioned physiological pattern.

So were does it leave us?  If we separate procreation from pleasurable sexual intimacy, the forecast should be quite positive as long as women understand what needs to be done:

  • Take care of the menopausal vagina or the irradiated vagina to avoid pain with penetration
  • Add fun to your sexual life: explore, engage,  add toys — this is a good time to reverse sexual boredom, especially in a long-standing relationship.
  • Make sure you know your clitoris...
  • Use lubrication as needed, including the fun flavored ones.
  • Don’t kill your orgasm!
  • Orgasm exercises?
  • Realize that although the frequency of sexual engagement may not be high, its quality should be satisfying.
  • Alone? No sexual partner? No need to forgo your sexual interest, only the method.  Read about fingering (masturbation), and check out this awesome clitoral vibrator – the Pink Pocket Rocket.
  • Remember that partner is aging (ahem) too and that physical, emotional, and medical adjustments are in order.
  • Although some medication may slow down sexual interest and arousal (libido), one cannot blame all on it because female sexuality originates ‘in the head:’  It is a fact that even while on medication/s, women who are in new, exciting relationships display sexual interest as if they were still in their early 20s!  Unfortunately, that wanes too once the relationship stabilizes and the ‘newness’ wears off – a byproduct of longevity – but may be maintain with the woman working on it.

Wishing you continued sexual interest for the rest of your life!


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