Sex & bartering…

Posted by womentc in Women's Health 23 Nov 2008

Men typically want sex more often/frequent than women.  A biological fact.

It is not to say that women are not interested.  On the contrary.   However, their interest may be affected by daily events and fizzle by the time the opportunity actually presents itself:

  • “I wanted us to have fun time tonight but by then, I was tired from work, the kids were cranky and my interest faded away…”
  • “I was not sure if I was interested but I gave it a try… It did not happen.  I was not getting aroused because there was too much on my mind…”

So what do women want in lieu of sexual arousal/orgasm?  They will just as soon barter for a back rub, a foot massage, a you-owe-me-one voucher, etc., which will give them just as much pleasure and satisfaction while still interacting with the partner.

Sexual bartering is often exercised in relationships and should not be frowned upon.  Unless the woman is never interested in sexual intimacy (a problem that needs to be addressed!), it is common for her to barter at times, giving her partner alternative means of pleasing her while being intimately connected.

If you have never done that, wouldn’t you rather barter than ‘fake it’ or force yourself to have sex? Find your voice and be your true self.

For the rest, do you barter? What do you barter for? What is your partner’s reaction?