Sex in the wild – how nature adjusts itself

Posted by Ditza Katz in Women's Health 25 Jul 2014

A recent PBS episode titled Sex in the Wild about elephants mating and giving birth is fascinating (link below).   It also reinforces the valuable message that we have been giving our patients all along: nature – and the body – are designed to work promptly and efficiently.

Not all our patients know or believe that.  Many arrive with vaginal and/or sexual breakdowns and are convinced that something is physically wrong with them. Or that the penis will never fit.  Or that the vagina is too small for a baby to come out of it.  Or that female sexual arousal is needed for the penis to fit in the vagina. Or not realizing that bodily functions operate on auto-pilot and do not need mental intervention.  And so on.

It takes physical demonstration, practice, and in-depth patient education about how our genitals work and how the (female) mind operates sexually before they can use them harmoniously while trusting the design, and without worry and anxiety.

Watch the show.