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Sexual clarity

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The sexual arena poses potential breakdowns because of vulnerabilities, inadequacies, embarrassment, and other personal issues that will limit honest, clear communication about sexual wants, preferences, and desires.

Unlike men who have no problem expressing their sexual wishlist, women tend to suffer from compromised clarity, consequently resulting in great distress, somatic (body-mind) complaints, and relationship crises., all because

  • Women are (still) feeling sexual obligation toward the partner
  • Women’s sexuality is greatly affected by their mind
  • Media pressure on women regarding the perfect sex, and fitting the sex model
  • Women’s reluctance or embarrassment to speak about sexual intimate matters
  • Women’s tendency to retreat into themselves at time of distress, to suffer in silence
  • Religious, cultural, societal, and personal factors

Bottom line: if you find yourself suffering from lack of sexual clarity, speak up!  Even baby steps are better than none.  If still struggling, seek professional help (counseling) to gain the right tools for self-advocacy.

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