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Sexuality, Intimacy, and Relationship After Cancer Diagnosis

Posted by Ditza Katz in Cancer, Painful Sex (Dyspareunia), Sexual Dysfunction 08 Aug 2014

It was our great pleasure to present yesterday at the Women, Wisdom, and Wellness seminar, Mount Sinai University Hospital, New York.  The audience were women with breast or female cancer, and several of the hospital’s oncologic social workers.

The title of our talk was Sexuality, Intimacy, and Relationship. As always, we were humbled by the women’s courage and zest for life, yet disheartened by the (ongoing) neglect and disinterest by the medical team of these fundamental needs.  The women reiterated what we’ve heard before: “the doctor/s are working hard at eradicating the cancer but they do not address our emotional needs nor our altered genitals and sexuality.”

We hope that the participants will carry the message to their medical teams, and that the clinicians in the audience will continue to cultivate awareness among their colleagues and peers.

Live strong!