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She Couldn’t Have Sex: Umm Zakiyyah Interviews Tasniya

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Our former patient, Tasniya, wanted to educating women about vaginismus, even if it meant sharing her intimate journey with the public.

Umm Zakiyyah, a well-known author, embraced Tasniya’s mission and featured it in a just-published 2-part interview.

Thank you, Tasniya!  We are touched by your bravery and dedication, and we know that your story will help many women throughout the world.


  • “When I got married and I wasn’t able to consummate my marriage, I was very confused. I went to several counselors, Imams, and gynecologists but no one really understood me. I felt isolated and depressed because I thought I was the ‘only one’ going through this.”
  • “I seriously considered leaving my husband because I felt as though I was being unfair to him and he deserved better. Feelings of shame and guilt overwhelmed to the point where I was really having difficulties living a normal life.”
  • “I also associated pain, shame, and disgust with things like intercourse. I don’t think I was ever taught that intercourse is a pleasurable thing for the husband and wife. No one ever told me that intercourse is pleasurable in the eyes of Allah (SWT) when it is done in the confines of marriage. Therefore, mentally I conjured up this negative image of intercourse and associated pain and disgust with it, which ultimately led me to having vaginismus.”
  • “When he tried to enter me, it literally felt like he was hitting a brick wall. I started to think something was wrong with me anatomically and maybe I didn’t have a hole or something. It was frustrating and I knew something was wrong. I just didn’t know exactly what it was and the traditional doctors or gynecologists did not know either.”
  • “If you believe you have been suffering from this condition, please know that you are not alone.”
  • “I hope readers will understand that there is something called vaginismus and it is real. If you or a family member or friend is going through this, know that there is help.”

You may also watch Tasniya’s video:

Watch Tasniya, a Muslim woman, tells about her vaginismus
VIDEO: Tasniya, a Muslim woman, tells about her vaginismus

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