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Sleeping with dilator in vagina (for vaginismus)?

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Many of our vaginismus patients report having been told to keep the vaginal dilator inside them overnight so as to stretch the vagina for overcoming vaginismus.

This advice has no merit nor logic:

  • Vaginismus cure is rarely about actual stretching of the vaginal walls but rather about them getting used to the sensation of expansion upon penetration and movement (penis, gynecologic exam, finger, etc.), and
  • Nothing stays overnight in a non-vaginismus vagina except a tampon, so this is unnatural advice, and
  • Vaginismus is about a vagina in a panic that needs to be addressed while awake and aware in order to be resolved!

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  • LMC says:

    My Gyno told me to do this. It was pointless and unnecessary discomfort. I would love for him to sleep with a rod up his $&@!!!

  • Tash says:

    I laugh at all the crazy illogical things I tried before WTC just because I was desperate and it was all I was offered. Although I never slept with my dilators in, I do remember walking around the house doing my jobs while trying to keep it in for hours at a time and NO it didn’t make penetration any easier!