Tampon – how to?

Posted by womentc in Women's Health 11 Apr 2009
  • How do you know that the tampon is in properly?
  • Is the tampon in too deep? Not deep enough?

Do these questions sound dumb? Not at all — we hear them all day long from our patients.  Luckily, the answers are simple.  Consider these quick tips:

  1. Put some lubrication (KY Jelly or any other vaginally-suitable product) on the tip of the tampon to smooth the insertion.
  2. Once inside you, give the tampon/applicator an extra ‘nudge’ in so that the tampon will pop into its anatomical resting place just below the cervix.
  3. Is it deep enough? Yes, it is if you cannot feel it when you sit down (ouch).  Need to test this? Either sit on the toilet seat, or place your flat hand up against your vagina to see if you can feel the edge of the tampon.
  4. A tampon that was inserted in a bit of a sideways angel may also produce discomfort.
  5. Whatever the cause of the discomfort, pull the tampon out and insert a new one — fixing the existing tampon does not always work well.
  6. Feel that ‘rug burn’ upon removal of the tampon? Put some vaginally-suitable lubrication on your finger and insert into your vagina to lube the area below the tampon so it will come out smoothly.

Make sure to read our other posts about tampons and remember: the vagina is dead-end canal and the tampon cannot get lost inside.  You or your partner can always ‘fish it out’ as long as you stay calm and don’t let panic set in, which will make it much worse…