Tampon removal

Posted by womentc in Women's Health 02 Jul 2009

Do I need to remove the tampon before going to the bathroom?

  • The tampon sits in the vaginal canal and is not directly affected by either urination or defecation, but the string may get soiled.  That said, you can easily proceed with voiding first and changing the tampon when you are done, using a bit of toilet paper, if needed, to manage the string.

Do I need to remove the tampon before taking my shower?

  • Not unless you like to stand in bloody waters… Feel free to take your shower with the ‘old’ tampon in and replacing it after drying off.  Another benefit to this delayed change: your genitals will stay clean of blood that has leaked down during the shower.

Do I need to remove the tampon during outercourse (non-penetrative sex)?

  • Not at all.  You can engage sexually as long as NOTHING goes into your vagina while the tampon is in there.