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The Christmas Box – ode to treating vaginismus

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We decided to start a new tradition this year… We placed the box on the coffee table and we gathered all the children around… And we cried all the way through it…

Mom and Dad: “Guys do you all know who this box is from?”

Kids: “No….”

Mom and Dad: “It’s from Ditza and Ross in New York? Do you remember who Ditza and Ross are?”

Kids: “The Doctor Grammies!”

Mom and Dad: “That’s right Mommy and Daddy’s special doctor friends and grammies. Do you know what this box is filled with?”

Kids: “Presents?!”

Mom and Dad: “Yes. Presents. Gifts. Do you guys know what gift Ditza and Ross gave us that’s not in this box? Did you know that you are a gift Michael, you are a gift Adam, You are a gift Arthur, and you are a gift Michelle? That’s right each of you is a gift to us from Ross and Ditza…”

Kids: “We are?”

Mom and Dad: “Yes you are…a long time ago…Mommy and Daddy were just Lindsay and Tim…we loved each other very much but did you know, we couldn’t have children and we were pretty sad about it.”

Kids: “You couldn’t have babies?”

Mom and Dad: “Nope we couldn’t…but you know what? Ditza and Ross invited us to their special doctor’s office in New York and you know what? They made Mommy and Daddy all better and after we left New York, because of the gift Ditza and Ross gave us, we were able to have not 1 baby, not 2 babies, but 4 babies!!”

Kids: “Yes! We are your 4 babies!”

Mom and Dad: “That’s right! So even though Ditza and Ross send us a box of special gifts every year because they are so kind and generous. They have already given us the greatest gift of all and that is each and every one of you.”

Kids: 🙂

Mom and Dad: “So before we open this, do you think we could say a BIG THANK YOU loud enough for Ditza and Ross to hear all the way in New York?”

Kids: “YES!!!”

Mom and Dad: “OK on the count of the 3 let’s say thank-you Ditza and Ross as loud as we can…1-2-3!!!


(Sent to us last week by a patient who was treated many years ago.  It so touched our hearts that we decided to share it with everyone)

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