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The fetus vs. us

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Several researchers have been exploring fetal development vs. the environment in the past few years.  The general hypothesis has been that the developmental sequence from a fertilized egg to a baby that is born does not happen on ‘auto pilot’ but rather is influenced by what is happening in/to the mother’s body, her environment, and the world around her.

To be more specific, at each moment of fetal development, adverse influences will arrest or alter the bodily function or the body part that is being developed right then and there, strongly suggesting that the womb is not a safe haven, and no longer can all developmental glitches be attributed to genetic flaws.

Mind you, this concept was also voiced to us years ago by a veterinarian researcher who tried to get to the root of kidney/bladder problems in cats. He surmised that adverse events that happened to the pregnant mother cat at time of urinary system development  resulted in urinary flaws in the borne kitties.  Yes, we had such a kitty at the time thus this connection, which made us reflect on this clinically with our patients with amazing observations.

A recent issue of Times magazine brought to light recent findings, all supporting this concept: Fetal Origins: How the First Nine Months Shape the Rest of Your Life.  You can also buy the book from Amazon or any other book vendor.

We urge you to read the article in its entirety (it is fascinating and an easy read), and then forward to others.  You can make a difference by being aware of this.

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