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The Pill plus a condom?

Posted by womentc in Sexual Dysfunction, Women's Health 30 Nov 2010

Do I need to use condoms if I am on The Pill?

  • From a contraception point of view, there is no need for such double protection as long as  you do not miss a Pill, are not on (certain) antibiotics, and did not expose the Pill pack to extreme heat, which may affect its potency.
  • However, you may very much want to use a condom if protection against contracting sexually transmitted infections (STIs)  is necessary.

Protection against STIs  should always be exercised when in a new relationship, when in a non-monogamous relationship,  if testing for STDs was not done and/or if it came back positive, if there is an STD outbreak (i.e. a Herpes flareup), etc.  Protection should be exercised by all parties and at any age as STDs are non-discriminating!