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The Road to Curing Vaginismus Isn’t Easy, But Living With It Is Worse

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The past year has been one full of change. I got married, moved to a new state, started a new job, and discovered that I had vaginismus. I waited until I married to have sex, but my inability to use tampons, undergo a gynecological exam, and do basic things with my body that most women could baffled me.

Trying to justify my issues, I started negotiating with myself. Maybe my problems were due to a lack of experience; when I finally had sex, these issues would resolve. Or maybe my past issues with endometriosis were to blame, or maybe there was another physical problem, but because I couldn’t undergo a proper gynecological exam, the doctor couldn’t see the issue. In the end, I convinced myself that all would be well on my wedding night—until it wasn’t.

After four months of trying to have sex unsuccessfully, I decided to see a gynecologist. At the appointment, I explained that I had a great deal of pain when we would attempt intercourse, so much so that I could not continue. At first, the doctor tried to reassure me that it was probably just a vaginal dryness and that more lubricant would solve the issue. She then attempted to examine me. I felt my entire body recoil in fear as she started to insert the speculum. After trying a few more things, she concluded that I had a condition known as vaginismus. She left me with virtually no information on the condition and simply gave me the name of a sex therapist who could help me.

As it turns out, the therapist doesn’t treat women who have vaginismus. Another dead end. After a lot of tears, I began doing my own research, desperate to find a solution. I quickly discovered there was no treatment available in my state or in most states for that matter. Then I stumbled upon the Women’s Therapy Center (WTC).

I found an abundance of written information about vaginismus, informative videos about the condition, testimonials from women who had been successfully treated at the center, and a support group. The more I weighed my options, the more I realized that I could try a lot of other things, but most likely I would waste months, maybe even years, only to find no cure. Many women revealed in their testimonials that they had tried countless types of therapy before coming to the WTC. Nothing had helped. I didn’t want vaginismus to continue crippling my life and despite having a loving, supportive husband, I didn’t want it to eventually destroy our marriage.

My advice to women suffering with vaginismus is this: don’t waste time trying other stuff. Come to the WTC. The doctors know what they’re doing, they’ve helped thousands of women overcome vaginismus, and you can be one of them if you truly want to be cured. They are compassionate, supportive, encouraging, push you when you need it, and never give up on you.

The road to curing vaginismus isn’t easy, but living with it is worse. So, whatever you have to do—save money, raise money, borrow money—it’s worth every cent. My husband and I have no doubt that we made the right choice coming here. The cure is possible, help is available, and the healing it brings will forever change your life.

-Elena T. (2019)

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