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Should you tell him:

  1. That intercourse is not arousing?
  2. That much as he tries you still cannot reach an orgasm, or should you fake it?
  3. To stop doing oral sex on you because you think it has been taking you longer than he would have liked?
  4. The way he stimulates you is not doing a thing for you?
  5. That you had vaginismus and this is your first intercourse since being cured and you feel nervous about it?
  6. That intercourse is painful, or should you just suffer in silence?
  7. That your vagina needs lubrication for intercourse, otherwise it will get chafed and irritated?
  8. To change intercourse position for more comfort? For fun?
  9. I do not feel like ‘doing it’ today? Or that I’d rather have a back rub?

While men tend to be quite clear about their sexual likes and comforts, women are hesitant to speak up their minds, opting instead to suffer in silence and/or develop disinterest.   The big question remains: why do so many women continue to act as sexual subservience instead of as equal partners?

Still, need answers to the above?

  1. Intercourse by itself is seldom arousing for women; they need clitoral stimulation to ‘get going.’  Read Vaginal Orgasm
  2. Never fake!  Read Killing an Orgasm and seek professional help as needed.
  3. Men will gladly accept oral sex for as long as possible, so why don’t women accept the same?
  4. Everyone is responsible for their sexual arousal — if you do not tell the partner how you ‘like it’ then he/she will not know!
  5. Some women have no problem telling while others prefer to “go with it” as there was no history of vaginismus.  A sexually experienced partner will tend to know if you are a virgin but, who cares? Just enjoy.
  6. Why suffer in silence???? You are the owner of the vagina and the hostess to his penis!
  7. See answer #6 above
  8. Sexual intimacy should be fun, satisfying, and pain-free; why not make sure it is???
  9. Yes, tell him.  And, read Sex and Bartering

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