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Use of a mirror for vaginismus treatment

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Patients often suggest that we pull out a mirror during vaginismus treatment so they can see how to enter their vagina.  When asked why they need a mirror, they will say that

  • It has to do with control;
  • Because they doubt their knowledge otherwise;
  • Because seeing is reassuring;
  • Because if it hurts it has to be bad and need to see what is going on;
  • Because afraid to hurt herself otherwise (go the wrong way);
  • Because cannot find the vaginal opening otherwise.

While these answers are common vaginismus reasoning, it has nothing to do with reality and ‘normalcy…’  Read on.

Vaginismus is a psychosomatic condition, a reactionary phenomenon that is ALWAYS anxiety-based.  Vaginismus is laced with perceived fears and worries and concerns, all which completely derail vaginal function from normal to altered/psychosomatic.

In the normal/healthy function, a woman will intuitively find her vaginal opening just like she can find her mouth for feeding and her nose for blowing it.  It is a built-in ability to afford caring for the vagina in low visibility (in the dark), if she is blind, if the man is on top of her and blocking the view, etc.  More so, the cave-woman did not have a mirror yet was surely able to navigate her vagina…

In other words, no mirror needed whatsoever (beyond once to learn what the genitals look like)!  Instead, treatment must address the associated anxiety, and normalize vaginal awareness and use.

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  • Kathy Lovetinsky says:

    What is the exercise to relieve pain and bleeding

  • Shiloh says:

    Nice article, soothing but not as helpful as I’d hoped; maybe I was hoping for that result anyway.
    My clitoris feels great so I’m 100% fine with never having penetrative vaginal intercourse.

    • Ditza Katz says:

      Not sure what you were looking for so please let us know. As to your happy clitoris, this is great and indeed, some women are satisfied enough to not seek vaginal intercourse.

  • Brittany says:

    Interesting … for awhile now I’ve been trying to get the smallest dialator In , and I think I successfully did it once a couple weeks ago (at least almost halfway ) but after that it seemed I regressed , like I couldn’t find the spot again. This stems from over 10 years of avoiding penetration (with some small attempts in between) . I know for sure I have fears and anxiety associated . My regular therapist ( not PT) suggested I attempt a mirror again, but I feel it’s not helping. I just feel paralyzed once I see where I ‘think’ I put it , it’s like my hand collapses a little and doesn’t want to keep it in that same spot . I push a bit and it goes a little , but then I seem to hit a wall. Thoughts?? Im really struggling with making some headway with this. I seem to have very deep phobias with this.

    • Ditza Katz says:

      Vaginismus is always anxiety-based and by now, after such a long struggle, we can see your ‘phobias’ issue… Regarding a solution, please direct treatment communication to our office as this Blog is not for individual discussion. Our email address is doctors@womentc.com or call +1.516.576.1118 We look forward to hearing from you.

  • Elizabeth says:

    Interesting, I have to say I haven’t needed a mirror since that first time the doctors showed me the outside, I do it by ‘feel’ which, through repetition is now making sense to me, thank goodness. How crazy that we get ourselves into that panic state & what a shame that we do.