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Vagina – endless?

Posted by womentc in Sexual Dysfunction, Vaginismus Blog 15 May 2008

Can anything get lost in the vagina??????

Does the vagina continue into my abdomen? Chest? Throat?

Interestingly, many women perceive the vagina as a long, continuous canal that starts at the genitals and continues into the body… Sort of like the digestive system, that spans from mouth to rectum (or vice versa).

This perception leads to worries such as noted above, easily believed with the vagina being an ‘invisible’ part of the body that cannot be self-tested.

The truth:

  • The vagina is only about 10-12cm deep (4-4.5 inches)
  • It is a dead-end tube
  • A typical gynecologic exam will check the entire length of the vagina
  • In the unlikely event that the tampon is ‘stuck’ there, it can be easily retrieved
  • Nothing can get lost ‘in there’

If you’ve just taken out a ruler to see how long 10-12cm are, you may wonder how does an erect penis fit inside being that it is longer than the quoted vaginal length…

Well, nature was created by a fine architect: the uterus, which sits at the deep end of the vagina, is like a trampoline, able to be nudged into the pelvis by the arriving penis, thus lengthening the vagina as needed.

Smart, isn’t it?