Vaginismus: Vagina too small?

Posted by womentc in Vaginismus Blog 14 Apr 2011

A typical comment voiced by women with vaginismus is, “my doctor told me I have a very small vagina.”  This diagnosis may reassure the woman that indeed there is a physical problem but at the same time, it raises concern about the normal use of her vagina for sexual intercourse and vaginal childbirth.

To date, we have treated over a thousand vaginismus cases & many hundred dyspareunia cases and we are yet to encounter a vagina that is too small!

So why do women get such a misdiagnosis?  Typically, because the woman is nervous, her vagina is clenched, and the clinician cannot perform a pelvic (gyno) exam.  Sad, isn’t it?   Note: physical anomalies (i.e. vaginal agenesis, MRKH syndrome) do occur but they are quite uncommon.

There is another misconception that leads to this misdiagnosis: vaginal size is directly related to the physical size of the woman.  Did you notice that we refer to this as a misconception?  The fact is that neither male nor female body size determines the size of their penis or vagina: a small woman can have a large vagina, and a tall man can have a very small penis.  Nature created us suitable for intercourse, except for rare anomalies of a super-thick penis that cannot be ‘housed’ by the vagina (we had 4 such cases).

Conclusion: always believe that your body is fine, and seek expert intervention for your vaginal penetration problem.