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Vagina vs dry air

There are different causes for vaginal dryness, such as insufficient hydration (drinking), certain medications, over washing, low estrogen, sitting in treated/chlorinated water, etc.

For those of us who live in cold climates, the onset of winter brings another cause: the heating system, which typically circulates very dry air (below 35-40% humidity). You would know this if your skin feels dry, if you experience increased thirst, if your throat feels scratchy, if your eyes are dry during the night, if you have nose bleeds, or if your pet has s dry cough or its skin starts to flake (assuming there is no co-existing medical issue that can be the cause), etc.

You may not think of your vagina as being a victim too but it sure is.  We always see an influx of ‘winter patients,’ some  with vaginal chafing irritations and others with painful intercourse — both which are immediately relieved with increasing moisture.

The quickest, simplest solution: run a humidifier at all times.  We love a cool mist ultrasonic humidifier with a 1 gallon tank that can run for 24 hours before refilling.  Put one in your bedroom and additional ones as needed.

A note about cleaning the humidifier: yes, the water at the base get slimy and who wants to scrub it daily?  A simple solution is to add a few drops of bleach to the tank when filling it with water — enough bleach to keep the water clean but no so much as to have the room smell like a swimming pool…

Other options: install a central humidifier on your heating system, or for a low cost option, place pots with water around the house.

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