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Vaginal orgasm?!

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Can you have an orgasm during intercourse?

Fact #1: most women cannot, so consider yourself in normal, healthy company!

Fact #2: the vagina is not an erogenous structure but a passageway.  If it were capable of sexual arousal, then tampons would have been a delight as would gynecologic exams…

Fact #3: the clitoris is the female’s erogenous structure, the anatomical parallel to the male’s penis.  Clitoral stimulation – direct or indirect – is necessary for female sexual arousal.

If your partner’s penis is not aligned so as to rub your clitoris in an arousing way during intercourse, you will need to apply direct clitoral stimulation if you wish to orgasm simultaneously with him. You can use your hand, his hand, a vibrator, etc.

Remember: it is about anatomy and physiology, not about your or his sexual wants!

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  • TOZdaModel says:

    i just happen to get so dry but the funny thing is he doesnt even have to stimulate me for me to get horny. looking at him is enough arousal and then he comes on with foreplay but then i get dry, emberassing. i totally hate it. loved this post

  • barktlysf says:

    loved this post! -barktlysf

  • j says:

    I’m a man, and i don’t get an orgasm when I have a bowel movement. I certainly do orgasm when I’m stimulated back there… so your second and third arguments seem to be invalid. That the clit is the anatomical parallel of the penis does not prove the passageway theory.

  • jools(naturegirl) says:

    I agree with Barbara, my vagina can take me to great orgasms! Doggy position doesn’t involve any clitoral stimulation but after enough thrusting by my husband I can come just as well as WITH clitoral stimulation. It just takes a bit longer!

  • Barbara says:

    I disagree slightly. I have had, um, a certain ultrasound test that was VERY arousing. No clitoral stimulation whatsoever…But the lights were dimmed and she took her time, unlike the rushed and exposed GYN exams with those ridiculous instruments they use. As for tampons, they can be TINY and also rough because they are cotton…So I don’t agree that the vagina, or at least my vagina (SUPER VAGINA) is a “stupid canal.” Just maybe not quite as bright as the clitoris.

    LOVED your class in Orlando and plan to keep in touch.

    “Super Vagina 1” a.k.a. Barb