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Vaginal odor

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Certain body parts have their own distinct odor, such as the armpits, the soles of the feet, the penis, and the vagina.  A physiological fact.

Vaginal odor is a popular topic, and one can find plenty of commercial preparations for vaginal rinsing/douching, deodorizing, perfuming, as well as scented sanitary pads, scented tampons, lotions, etc.

Vaginal odor is often a cause for sexual frustration and embarrassment.  Whereas men are rarely attentive to the odor of their penis, women can be quite preoccupied with the odor of their (healthy) vagina to the point of excessive cleaning, avoidance of oral sex, and even refraining from sexual engagement altogether.

The message of this post: the vaginal mucosa is chemically balanced for optimal health.  Applying scented products will easily disrupt this delicate balance and lead to medical complications.  Unless you have a vaginal infection – at which case you need to seek proper medical care – do not use any scented product in your vagina.

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