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Vaginismus and Infertility

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Women with vaginismus many wonder whether they can still get pregnant and deliver despite the condition.  The answer is a definitive YES, and you may want to read our earlier post about it, Vaginismus, pregnancy & childbirth.

While the treatment for vaginismus will allow the woman to have all vaginal penetrations without distress, it will not address infertility problems she may have.  So, is it worthwhile undergoing the treatment if conceiving may not be possible anyway?  The following is what some of our former patients think:

  • Curing vaginismus is more about you. You need to take control of your body for yourself and not let it control you.
  • Treating vaginismus will make you able to get medical treatment for any issues in the future, you will be able to have sex, and you will be free of this condition. Infertility is a separate issue.
  • Curing vaginismus is about more than babies, it’s about your health.
  • It’s not just about sex. I’m too old to have a child by now but I still went for treatment so I can have a gynecological exam and be treated if anything goes wrong.
  • By curing the vaginismus, you could have an easier time undergoing medical intervention for infertility!
  • What about being able to use tampons? Or to have a full sexual life?
  • Overcoming vaginismus will make you feel normal, not inadequate.
  • Vaginismus disrupts relationships, and often stops a woman from entering a relationship; infertility – sad as it is – can still allow for a wonderful life with a special person.
  • There are different options for having children, including enlisting an egg donor and adoption.

We hope this post will help those women who struggle with this dilemma.

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