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Vaginismus and orgasms

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Can a woman with vaginismus be sexually aroused and have an orgasm?  Of course!

I can orgasm — does it mean I do not have vaginismus?

No, because being able to orgasm does not negate having vaginismus!

Unlike the penis, a one-for-all body part (urination, sexual activities), the vagina is not a sexual organ but rather a passageway connecting the uterus/cervix to the outside.

The clitoris – the female’s sexual organ – is located outside (above) the vagina and the urethra.

Do women need anything – finger, penis, dildo – in their vagina for sexual arousal?

No, they do not. Women can be sexually aroused by clitoral stimulation without EVER involving the vagina.

Had the vagina been a sexual organ, every tampon insertion would have been a thrill… Every gynecologic exam would have been a delight…

Vaginismus Orgasm

Bottom line (no pun intended): a woman does not have to give up on her sexual arousal even if she has vaginismus or any other vaginal concern that restricts penetration.

Please share this post with everyone you know — help us clarify a huge confusion out there!

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  • claire says:

    Baby G…hang on to that boyfriend! What I wouldn’t give to find a man that would appreciate that we could satisfy each other without penetration. I’m recovering from radiation treatments to my vagina and penetration is not possible at the moment, unless it’s small. I envy your sexual closeness with someone that gets that sex is so much more than intercourse. Dating is very hard with this issue, knowing if I find someone I want to have sex with I have to share this with them and may likely loose them in the process.

  • Baby G says:

    If Vaginismus had anything to do with me not having an orgasm, I would’ve been a very grumpy lady. I as a former Vag sufferer can deffinitly attest to the fact that my vag had nothing to do with me coming. Thats what kept my boyfriend and I sexually close, knowing we could always satisfy each other even without penatration.