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Vaginismus and religion

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What does religion have do to with vaginismus?

Apparently, quite a bit.

  • Religions will often specify the nature and extent of intimate contact that is allowed prior to marriage.
  • Some religions spell out specific punishments for forbidden intimate acts.
  • Some religions define women’s sexual roles and duties and, at times, even mandate them!
  • Pregnancy outside of marriage may be punishable; termination is rarely an option.
  • “Sex talk” is often limited or non-existent, leaving women to their own educational devices.
  • The presence of a hymen is essential; penetrations (i.e. tampon) are discouraged.
  • Guilt is a huge factor when a woman seeks to balance religious boundaries vs. free-will experimentation.
  • There is a common feeling of ‘my vaginismus will be resolved once I get married and can have sexual relationship worry-free…’

And then there is the Big Switch: forbidden sexual contact prior to marriage, followed by the expectation/hope that so many hours after the wedding ceremony the woman can engage sexually in the most enjoyable, knowledgeable, self-assured way…

Has religion played a role in your vaginismus?