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Vaginismus: cannot have sex due to pain, and finding ways to pay for treatment

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Although vaginismus is about ALL vaginal penetrations, difficulty having intercourse is the main reason women search for help.

Finding a suitable treatment program is a tough challenge by itself, and may involve long-distance travel to the specialist. Additionally, funding the treatment may pose a hardship when finances are limited or not available, even with insurance reimbursement.  Add to it the veil of secrecy that surrounds the condition, and the embarrassment and shame that come along, and you have a perfect recipe for suffering in silence with this private pain.

But some women feel strong about reclaiming vaginal ownership,  and will not be shy to speak up.  Such is the story of this couple from Australia who started a fund-raising campaign to finance their treatment with us.  Read about them in an article that was published today in Australia titled, Couple can’t have sex due to painful condition, vaginismus.  We look forward to meeting them in person, and to seeing them going back home cured of vaginismus!

If you are inspired by this, make sure to also watch the video (bottom of page) recorded by a ‘vaginismus graduate’ of ours who was the first to call our attention to fund-raising for this purpose.  She does not regret it.

Don’t let vaginismus win — do all you can to find a cure, and never be ashamed to speak up about this common medical condition!

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