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Vaginismus Cure – A Poem

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The following email was received today from a former patient:

Greetings, WTC!

I am so thrilled to write to you tonight sharing that my husband and I have now been healed from vaginismus for TWO YEARS!!

To be honest with you all, the first year and some change was not exactly the easiest nor most glamorous transition in our marriage. There was still a lot of emotional and mental catching up to do with the newfound treatment that my physical body had found.

But I can say now, two years in that I am no longer anxious or hesitant in our intimate times with one another and I can fully trust my body to follow through from start to finish with intercourse, and it’s not only pain free – I’m relaxed and at ease, too, learning to enjoy the intense pleasure of oneness in my marriage.

I’m so thankful for all that you ladies did to invest in my marriage and future in the treatment you provided for me and my husband two summers ago. I still can’t believe that God led us to you in New York, and I’ll be forever grateful that we took the leap of faith to trust your program for the results that we were so desperately searching for!

In the four years of private pain that I experienced suffering with vaginismus, I started writing. My outlet became Poetry, and I scribbled some pretty dark things in my lowest of moments in those years. But my writing helped me heal, deal, and find a voice for what was happening on the inside. I have now discovered a new dimension in my voice about this struggle, and I wanted to share a quick poem that I just wrote as I have been reflecting on the two year anniversary that we just accomplished last week! This is meant to remind the women, like me, who find treatment but need to be patient with themselves as they await wholistic healing:

Focused on the goal:
Healing for my body 
Forgetting that my soul
Needs time to catch up, too
These physical changes 
Still wrestling in my mind 
Impatient that it’s behind 
Physical treatment 
Doesn’t always bring healing 
So leave time 
For emotions and mind
To process and find
Their rest in all of this 
And sometimes, you’ll find
That your mind
needs an assist 

Forever grateful to you women,


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