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Vaginismus cure for the single woman

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A common question women ask is whether our treatment is suitable for women who do not have a partner, and if the cure will ‘hold’ until they find someone to have intercourse with.

Our answers:

  • Yes, our treatment is suitable for the partnered and the single woman;
  • Vaginismus is about the woman’s relationship with her vagina, not about a partner;
  • Vaginismus treatment is not about sex/intercourse but rather about owning all vaginal penetrations;
  • Women without a (male) partner will do fine with sex/intercourse once they find a partner as long as they follow our discharge instructions.

The following was just received from a patient who was treated 12 years ago while still single:

I finally met someone and have been in a relationship for 3 months now.  We are very connected and sex has been amazing.  This is not something that I take for granted given the struggle for normalcy, which I was only able to overcome with your expertise many years ago.  I have been able to actually experience sexual pleasure as I am turning 40.”

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