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Vaginismus – fears before and during treatment

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The following was expressed by a patient who came for treatment of primary vaginismus.  To us, having treated more than 1130 vaginismus patients to-date, her thought process and worries are rather familiar, yet they are ever so powerful when quoted verbatim.

Before the first treatment began:

“I had a life-long belief that if something were to go into my vagina, my body would go into shock from the pain, and it would be so bad that I will faint.  And that you – the doctors – will say, ‘oh no, we have a problem here that we cannot fix’ and that will be it for me (no cure).”

At the conclusion of the first treatment:

“While the treatment session was ongoing, I was just looking up at the ceiling and waiting for it to happen, for my body to go into that shock.  But it did not.  The best thing for me was putting my own finger inside my own vagina and experiencing it going in, nothing hurts, nothing blocking it, just an open wide space inward.”

And that is the first monumental step on the way to curing vaginismus.

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