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Vaginismus ignorance and how you can help

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Our Blog post of today is a video that was recorded at the request of Sarah and Dustin who successfully completed their vaginismus treatment and left for home cured and happy.

It was quite interesting listening to their story, rooted in their deep Christian faith, and their disappointment when seeking advice from the clergy.  And the medical profession.

Indeed, vaginismus continues to be an elusive condition because of ignorance and skepticism.  Although we have seen increasing visibility for the condition in the 27 years of treating it, it is far from satisfactory.  And every suffering, un-diagnosed, mistreated woman is one too many.

Vaginismus is real.  It is not in the woman’s head; she is not crazy; the pain is real; it is not about love or about being a woman or a man, but about a basic bodily function; it is not about sex, but about life.

Help us carry the torch by speaking to your medical and psych team, educate them, send them to our website for information, urge them to contact us for a professional discussion, suggest that they watch our videos on YouTube, reach out to the media, talk to your clergy, be resourceful as best as you can.

We have made it our life’s mission to put vaginismus on the map.  Let’s continue to save one woman at a time!

To watch the video, click on the Play button or on the image itself

Watch We kicked vaginismus’ butt! (* Results may vary from person to person)
We kicked vaginismus' butt!

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