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Vaginismus once had me beat…

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We are delighted to share the following from one of our ‘vaginismus graduates:’

Vaginismus once had me beat.

I struggled through 7 years of unconsummated marriage, inability to use tampons or have exams, and an overwhelming feeling of brokenness that hung over me every day.

In 2013 my husband and I spent two weeks in Long Island that changed our lives forever.  The team at Women’s Therapy Center gave me the power to beat vaginismus, and it is only because of their skill and dedication that i can introduce our beautiful daughter!

Eliza Bailey was born on Valentine’s Day 2015, healthy and perfect.

This simple photo with my WTC shirt and my newborn is to remind you that there IS a cure, and there IS hope!

(Rachel and her husband documented their vaginismus journey in a 2013 YouTube video titled Rachel and Jeff’s Vaginismus Cure)

Rachel + Eliza

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