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Vaginismus – surgery to please him?

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The patient is 60-something, a widow, now dating a physician.

Her menopausal vagina is tight (secondary vaginismus) and she has not been on  estrogen replacement.  Intercourse is not possible due to pain.

What does her doctor-boyfriend push for? That she sees a gender-reconstructive surgeon in order to reshape her vagina so he can have sex with her!

The patient felt bad and has already made, and cancelled, 3 appointment with the surgeon as she could not bring herself to doing it.

We heard this account from her when she Arrived this week at our office for a consultation.  She was upset, hopeless, and sexually-pressured.

Following our session, she felt empowered having learned that she DOES have sexual choices, and that there is a non-surgical solution to the problem.

Sexual servitude? Ignorant medical minds? Lack of knowledge about vaginismus?

And what would have happened had she not advocated for herself???

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