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Vaginismus treatment – misconceptions

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Vaginismus continues to be an elusive condition that is often misdiagnosed and poorly managed due to limited understanding and resources by the medical community.

Women, and partners, have embraced the Internet as it offers them a venue to research resources for vaginismus treatment without disclosing their own suffering in fear of shame or embarrassment.

However, like any other researched topic, one needs to decipher truth from false for accurate and reliable decision-making. With vaginismus being an anxiety-based condition and with posts rich with personal struggles, that may be a tall order.

Common misconceptions about vaginismus treatment include:

  • It will be painful
  • It will take many months to cure
  • It is impossible to predict how many treatment sessions are needed.
  • You have to get aroused for it to work.
  • Kegel exercises are a must.
  • Need to keep the dilator in the vagina for (so many) minutes
  • Need to wiggle the dilator when inserted
  • The need to use a mirror for penetration
  • The need to look at my vaginal insertion
  • Need to get partner’s finger involved
  • Need to do relaxation breathing for penetration to happen
  • The dilator should go in slowly.
  • It helps to image a pretty place while doing penetration/s
  • It is about sex
  • Doing sports/swimming/exercising is not advisable.
  • Must walk slowly, always
  • Do not ever cross your legs.
  • Taking a hot bath before/after treatment is helpful.
  • Stop (dilation/treatment) if uncomfortable
  • You must have a hymen.
  • Masturbation is important
  • Child pose (yoga) is helpful.
  • The muscles need to be pulled back.
  • Do dilation standing up.
  • There is no cure… You have to learn to live with vaginismus…

The list is long and goes on. The confusion is deep. The damage to the woman’s body & mind is injurious and devastating. This is wrong!

Fact: vaginal use is a natural activity of the body; there is no reason to medicalize it. Vaginismus is not a broken vagina but rather a healthy vagina that is in-panic.

Vaginismus Treatment

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