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Virgin and pregnant?

Posted by womentc in Painful Sex (Dyspareunia), Sexual Dysfunction, Vaginismus Blog 28 Oct 2010

I am a virgin – I never had vaginal intercourse yet I just found out that I am pregnant; how did that happen???

Virgin women can get pregnant

  • By choice, through home self-insemination, using a syringe to inject his (fresh) semen into the vagina
  • By careless outercourse (non-penetrative sexual activities such as manual sex or rubbing) if the male ejaculates by her genital lips during the week leading to ovulation, when the hormonal chemistry in her reproductive system is conducive to sperm survival.

If the latter (second choice) sounds weird, do believe it! It happens to teenagers and adults alike.

Urgent education is needed to enlighten all that pregnancy and outercourse are a potent pair,  that ejaculation ‘on the outside’ is not a contraceptive method, and that even underwear may  not be protective.  The sperm is a tough little guy!

What’s the trick? Do not allow ejaculation by the genital lips, but rather far far away from there, unless proper protection/contraception is used!