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Voiding & sex

Posted by womentc in Sexual Dysfunction, Women's Health 02 Aug 2009

Many years ago it was believed that voiding (urinating) before and after having intercourse will guard against developing a urinary tract infection (UTI), sending women running in and out of bathrooms at a frantic pace.

But was it urine in the system that caused the infection, or the penis’ rubbing/chafing the underside of the urethra (urine tube)?

Everything that is inserted into the vagina will slide against the underside of the urethra = an anatomical fact.   In some cases, this natural rubbing will cause irritation that may develop into a urinary tract infection, but it has nothing to do with urine that is housed in the bladder!

The most current medical research about this very topic (Recurrent urinary tract infection in women) states the following:

  • Many factors thought to predispose to recurrent UTI in women, such as pre-and post-coital voiding patterns, frequency of urination, wiping patterns, and douching have not been proven to be risk factors for UTI.
  • Strategies to prevent recurrent UTI in young women should include education about the association of recurrent UTI with the frequency of sexual intercourse and the usage of spermicide-containing products.

Ladies, enjoy your sexual intimacy and save the running to the bathroom for when your bladder is full.