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We must stay strong. Positive. Optimistic.

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Yes, it sure seems like a very long time although, in reality, it has ‘only’ been several weeks since our lives got turned upside down.

Are you coping alright?

Have you taken these challenging times to reevaluate your life? Your goals? Your business? And most importantly, your relationships and health?

Are you scared? Skeptical? Worried about the future? After all, this novel virus is such an invisible, unknown enemy…

We must stay strong. Positive. Optimistic.

We must adhere to the basics that have proven right time and again: facemask, hand washing/sanitizing, and social distancing.

Medicine will understand this COVID-19 virus and will develop solutions: mainstream testing, vaccine, treatment, etc. But it will take time.

Staying patient is a must, albeit not an easy posture to assume.

Our office has been closed to in-person treatment since late March. For now, we offer telehealth services when applicable, but – as you know – it is impossible to touch the vagina virtually… We wish we could. Imagine the possibilities.

Also during this shut down period, we have been developing a protocol for the eventual reopening, and have been stocking up on PPE – a household term by now – that will be worn by our staff in protection of us, and you.

Do not hesitate to reach out to us. We continue to be available for support, guidance, and new inquiries.

Stay safe. Be smart. Act responsibly.

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