What the heck are these bumps on my vagina?

Posted by Ditza Katz in Painful Sex (Dyspareunia), Sexual Dysfunction, Vulvodynia & Vulvar Vestibulitis 07 Jan 2019

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Dear Doctors, 

I’m generally pretty healthy and I’ve never had an STD *knock on wood* – but lately I’ve been noticing some rash/acne type bumps around my vagina. Like I mentioned before – I have been recently tested for STD’s and came back all clear but this is worrying me a bit. The area is a little tender/itchy but other than that, no other symptoms. 

Should I be worried? 

Please help!


Dear Lexi,

Glad you are taking such good care of your body, including being tested for sexually transmitted infections (STIs, the most recent title update to this class of afflictions).

Tenderness and/or itching may have many causes beyond just STIs, including

  • sensitivity or allergy to soap, laundry detergent, spermicidal agents, etc.;
  • Heat rash from sweating (i.e. sporting activities, heavy PJs, stockings, contact between the genitals and a synthetic chair cushion, sweaty sexual encounter);
  • Dryness (i.e. Hydrating enough? Do you have a humidifier going during the winter months? Tight, rubbing pants?);
  • Estrogen deficiency, etc.

Sexually speaking, friction irritation from the penis or his pubic hair during sexual activities can also cause the type of irritation you’re describing; as well as irritation from a bloody menstrual pad or other dermatological concerns (i.e. eczema, infections, allergies).

As you can see, there is a lot to look into. If you cannot come up with your explanation and solution, make sure to consult with your doctor.

Good luck!

The Doctors