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Why Kegels?

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Dr. Arnold Kegel (1894-1984) was the gynecologist responsible for introducing squeeze exercises for increasing vaginal muscle tone. The particular muscle, puboccocegeous (PC) is part of a trampoline-like network of muscles that comprise the pelvic floor that supports the pelvic outlet.  Today, these exercises may be known as Kegels, PC exericses, or Pelvic Floor exercises.

When should women do these exercises?

  • Regularly, to enhance female genital health
  • During pregnancy and after childbirth to facilitate recovery
  • In the early stages of organ (uterine, bladder) prolapse to minimize the droopiness
  • In case of injury/neurological deficit to restore muscle tone and function
  • As an orgasm exercise

However, contrary to common perception, doing the Kegels does not cure vaginismus, a condition that has nothing to do with the voluntary control of the pelvic floor muscles but rather with a somatic reaction to penetration and/or to vaginal use.

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