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Women & Perfect Sex

Posted by womentc in Sexual Dysfunction, Women's Health 06 Aug 2011

Heterosexual sex in the media tends to portray the engaging couple as always ‘into it,’ forever moving smoothly about their sexual actions, knowing exactly what they like and how they like it, all body parts fitting just so, the woman is always interested/eager/ready for the man, and both experience an awesome orgasm — a display of sheer perfection, and the excitement of fantasy!

Fact: sex in reality isn’t perfect, and we must not allow the media to define our Perfect Sex.

For women in particular: why do you feel less sex-capable than what is portrayed in the media? Why be in competition with the porno stars? Why the feeling that you must to be ready for him the moment he wants it?  Why the notion that his sexuality is so fragile that any interruption by you will cause him disappointment?  What happened to your loyalty to your needs? And when was sexual intimacy stripped of its ‘relationship’ component (excluding cultures that put restrictions and demands on female sexual role & performance)???

For the nuts & bolts of sexual reality, consider the following ordinary interruptions and glitches, in no particular order:

Yes, you may experience THE PERFECT SEX from time to time, and when you do — rejoice and hope for another one to come your way again real soon.  Until then, work on your sexual relationship, and use the media if a taste of fantasy is what you want.