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Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

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Learn about our proprietary treatment, the DiRoss Methodologysm

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The pelvic floor defines the muscles, ligaments and connective tissue that act like a sling and supports the woman’s bladder, uterus, vagina, and rectum. The pelvic floor also participates in voiding (bowel and bladder), and is the one that quivers during an orgasm.

Interruption in the structure and strength of the pelvic floor will result in pelvic floor dysfunction (PFD).  Typical causes for such damage include childbirth trauma, nerve injury, muscle weakness, spinal or urogenital surgery, pelvic radiation, muscle overstress (heavy lifting, chronic coughing, being overweight), emotional stress, and genetic predisposition.

Our treatment is focused and goal-oriented, including pelvic floor physical therapy, and psychotherapy & clinical sexology as needed.  Treatment modalities will be chosen per your particular needs, making the process short and efficient (under 10 sessions).

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