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2-Week Vaginismus Program

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Our 2-week vaginismus treatment program was established in 1998 in response to requests from women who lived too far away to attend our weekly program.  The 2-week program is the first and longest-running in the world, with thousands of women from around the world who were cured. Since we never trained anyone in our methodology nor have any relation to any other emulated programs, your experience with us will be different than any other you may have tried.

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I really looked forward to the union, I wanted it, but my body betrayed me... (struggling with vaginismus) * Results may vary from person to person

As of 2018, we had women come from the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Japan, Israel, Spain, Greece, Australia, Austria, South Africa, Turkey, Hungary, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, China, Netherlands, U.A.E., Nigeria, Dominican Republic, Scotland, Mexico, Switzerland, Romania, Croatia, and Egypt.

Learn about our proprietary treatment for sexual pain, the DiRoss Methodologysm

This concentrated 2-week program is suitable for

  1. Women who live too far to be able to attend the weekly program, whether it is beyond a 5-hour drive away or across the globe. We can also offer a three-week option (same price, same results) for those who prefer a longer stay in the area.  When emailing us for details, make sure to include where you are located;
  2. Women who opt to devote a two-week time for their treatment because of restricted work schedule, limited vacation time, or any other personal reason.  When emailing us for details, make sure to include where you are located;
  3. Note #1: you may want to consider enrolling in the weekly program if you live far away but can make arrangements to stay locally for 4-5 weeks (i.e. with family or friends, rent a place, etc.).  Email us for details, and include where you are located;
  4. Note #2: You may want to consider enrolling in the weekly program if you live a short flight away from New York and can come up once weekly for treatment.  When emailing us for details, make sure in include where you are located so we can confirm suitability and provide you with details.

Watch Vaginismus: from deep despair to a complete cure
Vaginismus: from deep despair to a complete cure * Results may vary


  • Why choose us? Read here.
  • Join A Private Pain, our support group for women on Facebook, where you can meet others like you, including many who went through the program, for support and for an exchange of information.
  • For the male partner/husband: join our group on Facebook, Vaginismus – a Support Group for Men, where you can chat with others with same, and those who were cured by us.
  • We are available for a scheduled, short, free chat for a meet & greet and a few questions.  Email us to firm up a time.  Alternatively, we will be happy to take your phone call.
  • We also offer a scheduled, pre-paid Skype or Zoom initial screening session (up to 45 minutes) for meet & greet preliminary consultation, and Q&A.  We must have your “vaginismus story” (see #3 below) to proceed with this option.  The fee paid for the call will be deducted from the total cost of the 2-week program upon completion of the treatment.
  • Is this program for real? Make sure to read Too Good to be True?
  • If you choose to come to us, we strongly recommend that you stop all other treatments.  Instead, enjoy life, engage in outercourse (non-penetrative sex, i.e. oral, manual, etc.), and leave your vagina alone until we meet.
  • Watch and listen to Carrie and Bennet who chronicled their treatment experience.
  • Read Kiran’s testimonial, Is WTC a safe place to travel alone to? The perspective of a Muslim lady from another country.

Program details:

  1. The program is suitable for single women as well as for those who are married or are in a relationship.
  2. Contact us to discuss fees & available dates, and make sure to mention where you located (we are typically booked months in advance).
  3. We need your “vaginismus story” to assess your particular needs. Please include all of the following: your age, family status, penetration abilities (finger, tampon, intercourse, gynecologic exam), interventions you’ve tried, history of past abuse/trauma, and history of panic/anxiety/OCD/depression that are not related to the genitals/sex & medication/s intake for them.  It is important that we receive all these entries in order to properly design your treatment plan.  Note: When typing your story, please break it down into paragraphs for easier review.  Thank you.
  4. A deposit of $1000 USD is required to hold your scheduled appointments. This amount will be applied toward the total cost of the program. The balance is due at the time of treatment. All the information is included in the Contract that will be emailed to you at the time of booking.
  5. At the time of booking, we will provide you with a list of recommended hotels as well as other pertinent travel and touring information.  Although you are free to make any lodging arrangement you wish, we suggest referring to our list for logistics and safety reasons (no, we do not have any financial interest in any hotel recommendation!).
  6. The treatment process itself takes place on weekdays and includes 2 daily sessions, morning & afternoon, each lasting between 45 and 90 minutes as per your particular needs. Evenings and weekends are yours for touring/vacationing. There will be a short daily ‘homework’ to be done at night, as per instructions.
  7. Should you decide to come in for an initial consultation prior to booking the actual treatment (not a mandatory step), the fee you will pay for this session will be deducted from the total cost of the 2-week program upon completion of the treatment.
  8. Couples are encouraged to arrive together for the entire time. However, if this is not possible, we strongly recommend that the partner (husband, boyfriend, etc.) is present for at least the last four days of the process.
  9. The treatment takes place regardless of your menstrual cycle. However, some women prefer not to have their period during that time. In such case, you may want to discuss with your physician going on the Pill or the contraceptive Patch and staying on it continuously so as to avoid a period for the duration, or even for 2-3 months following the treatment (it is perfectly safe). Another option to discuss with your doctor is a norethisterone pill that will delay your period.  Email us if you have further questions.
  10. Our popular Facebook group, Private Pain, offers you an easy platform to connect with other women worldwide, women of all ages, religions, cultures, backgrounds, etc.  You may join under your real name or a pseudo name by following the instructions here.
  11. Unless you will be driving your car to New York, you will want to rent a car in order to get around; we will provide you with local contacts. However, we have had quite a few patients who opted to use public transportation/taxi/Uber/walking instead of renting a car. It would be your choice.
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I did not deserve to stay married to Jeff... I felt guilty... (A quest for vaginismus treatment & cure) * Results may vary
Watch We were shocked how challenging yet comfortable vaginismus treatment can be (* Result may vary from person to person)
We were shocked how challenging yet comfortable vaginismus treatment can be * Results may vary

Financial details:

  • The cost of the program includes unlimited treatment hours as per individual needs, 24-hour phone/email support, supplies, support for partners (when applicable), and every therapeutic intervention that is needed. It is an intense program that is specifically tailored (personalized) to meet the needs and abilities of the patient. The cost of the program also includes follow-up contact by the patient after discharge, i.e. questions about pregnancy and childbirth, sex education, referrals to specialists, healthcare advice, etc.
  • Study the detailed, step-by-step Insurance page.  Contact us if you need further clarifications/assistance.
  • Consider Creative Financing, a summary of ways women financed the treatment.
  • If you reside in Canada, click here.
  • If you reside in Germany, click here.
  • If you reside in the Netherlands, your medical expenses are tax-deductible.
  • All other countries: our experience suggests that it is rare to get reimbursed by a non-USA insurance company

Airport Details:

If you come from a Visa Waiver country, make sure to begin an ESTA process as soon as possible to avoid any delays in entering the US.

The four area airports are Islip (ISP), LaGuardia (LGA), Kennedy International (JFK), and Newark International (EWR).

  • Islip is the closest (25 minutes away) because it is located on Long Island.
  • JFK and LGA airports are located in New York City and driving to/from them may take anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours, depending on traffic/weather conditions. There is also a train (1 connection a short taxi ride) between JFK and us.
  • EWR is in New Jersey, which is about 1.5 – 2.5 hours car ride away depending on traffic.  There is also a train option (2 connections and a short taxi ride).
  • You will want to fly in no later than the evening before so that we can start the process the following morning, and fly out anytime after 3 pm (15h00) on the concluding day of treatment.
  • We will assist you with airport transfers and/or directions.
Laura Cummings
Laura Cummings
01:46 07 Jan 20
Over the course of several years, I met with multiple doctors and therapists before visiting the Women's Therapy Center. When I told previous doctors about my condition, I was ghosted, met with slight annoyance, and even laughed at. No one seemed to understand vaginismus or the emotions and mental anguish like Ditza, Ross, and Lauren. I am very grateful for their knowledge and compassion. Their techniques and personalities were the perfect combination. I highly recommend the Women's Therapy Center for treatment of vaginismus.
Grace Bielski
Grace Bielski
15:50 12 Dec 19
The doctors at WTC changed my life! I traveled from Wisconsin to New York for their 2 week program. TRUST the process, I am cured and have 3 children!! The doctors are kind, trustworthy, and incredibly skilled!
Amie D
Amie D
03:12 09 Dec 19
Drs. Ditza and Ross were top notch in helping me through a very difficult time in my life when no one else had an answer. My hubby and I completed the 2 week program in June of 2009. We had been married 3 years without truly consumating the union. I stumbled across the term vaginismus, and began researching. WTC was the only treatment center that I found who seemed to truly understand the issue and know what to do with it. They treated me using a mind-body approach. We successfully "graduated" from the program, and have had a wonderful 10 years without vaginismus dictating our relationship! I would highly recommend this facility and these doctors!!
Leslie Fazin
Leslie Fazin
04:25 04 Dec 19
I will forever be grateful to the Women's Therapy Center, as the entire experience was truly life-changing. I went from being a virgin, a non-tampon user and someone who was afraid of pelvic exams, to a confident woman who can do all of these things now (including sex!) without batting an eyelash. I completed the program in October 2013 and haven't had any setbacks. I honestly can't recommend this program, or the doctors, enough.
Adriana Burns
Adriana Burns
19:39 02 Dec 19
I had a great experience at the Women's Therapy Center. I was there for the 2-week program and had good results - CURED! The doctors really know what they're doing and know how to attack vaginismus (body and mind!). After reading all the reviews and success stories, I had very high hopes that by trusting the process, I would also have the same results -- and it worked! The treatment, cost, time, etc. was all worth it, to me. The doctors and staff always answered all my questions regarding the treatment, insurance claims, and any concerns. They made me feel at home during the twice-daily visits and made themselves available 24/7 as needed. It was a life-changing experience in so many ways and I'm grateful to have found WTC, and only wish many more others have access to this treatment in the future.
Jill Garrett
Jill Garrett
23:56 28 Oct 19
I visited the Women’s Therapy Center in October of 2019. I received excellent individualized care during the 2-week program, with practically 24/7 support. Although the price tag is more than I would pay for care in my home state of GA, I am so thankful we made the decision to trust this practice. The level of care is unparalleled to any I have received, and I’ve gone through many docs, practices, and clinics with a chronic illness. Everyone in the office genuinely cares about you as a patient and wants you to succeed and find health and happiness. I highly recommend the Women’s Therapy Center.
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