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What is the treatment all about?

Learn about our proven treatment, the DiRoss Methodologysm, which sets us apart from any other professional in the field.

$ Guide: insurance coverage, payment, creative financing

We prepared an extensive section that is devoted to financing treatment -- make sure to read all of it so as to find the solution that suits you best!

How long is the treatment for primary vaginismus?

The weekly program takes anywhere from 7 to 10 sessions.  Read more under Treatment.  The 2-week program takes 10 consecutive business days.

How long is the treatment for secondary vaginismus?

That process depends on the individual needs to each woman, with an average of 4-6 sessions, and rarely more than 10 sessions.

What if I do not have a sexual partner?

The treatment is suitable for single women as well as for those with a partner because the process is about "owning" the vagina and making it work for all penetrations, not just for sexual intercourse. Also, the outcome is the same whether the first intercourse will happen right a way, or a year or longer after the conclusion of the treatment, as has been the case with many of our patients.

Does the treatment process include the use of medications?

Not necessarily. The majority of our patients complete their treatment program without the need for medication, and we certainly encourage this venue. However, if the woman's anxiety is so severe that it prevents her from proceeding with the treatment, then an anti-anxiety medication will be requested from her physician for the short-term use necessary to move on with the treatment, and there is no issue with addiction/side effects because of the short duration of use.

Once I complete the treatment, will the cure last?

Yes, it will because you will have no reason to fear penetrations any longer. Keep in mind that you will need to follow specific discharge instructions for a specified length of time to ensure that the associated anxiety/fear/worry are resolved.  For more info, watch Samira's story, and read comments by former patients who were treated in the past*. * Results may vary from person to person

Did my partner’s Peyronie’s Disease cause my vaginismus?

Not quite.  A woman without vaginismus will know how to gauge the available vaginal penetration of a bent penis without hurting herself.  Read more here.

Are your statistics accurate?

Yes, they are. We do not alter any outcome nor hide incomplete results.

The testimonials are all positive — what is your failure rate?

The body is quite resilient and vaginismus need not be a way of life.  However, the treatment process may be a scary proposition to some women, and the main two reasons for failing to complete the process are fear of being touched, and financial considerations.  Other (uncommon) reasons include spousal abuse and/or severe emotional crises that prevented the continuation of the program. Our program has the tools to manage and navigate the physical and emotional needs of the woman so that she can complete the treatment and attain her desired outcome.  We will do all we can to show her the path to success.