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Samira’s message, and comments from viewers

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News from Samira:

“I gave birth September 4, 2011 to a girl, Lamese.  I wanted to thank Women’s Therapy Center for curing me, and for giving me the chance to have a beautiful angel in my arms.  My life is definitely what I imagined it to be thanks to you and God’s grace.”

Comments received upon airing of the show:

From Samira and Firas themselves: “We really appreciate the support, and hope this goes out to helping other women struggling with this ‘private pain.’  I also hope that our help does not stop here; I am available to talk to women who are afraid, or need advice when seeking your treatment.”

From S. who was treated in 2000: “It is good that this issue is being made more and more public.  We feel lucky to have had the chance to be treated by you.”

From A. who was treated in 2007: “Just finished watching the show.  It was great but it took me back; so glad we all got past it.”

An inquiry that came in 10 minutes after the show: “I live in California and just watched you on TLC.  My story is just like Samira’s – how can I receive treatment?”

From L. who was treated in 2007: “We loved the show.  It brought tears to my eye and many memories.  It was so great to hear another woman tell her story – she took the words right out of my mouth.”

From H. who was treated in 2007: “What an incredible story.  It was nothing short of a miracle that you both came into our lives.  We now have a beautiful, healthy 19-months-old little girl, thanks to both of you.”

From A. who was treated in 2010: “I just saw the TLC program and I can’t believe I cried. I could not stop screaming.  Congratulations to Samira and Firas, who will be able to live a normal life because the two of you.”

From P. who was treated in 2000: “The show brought back so many powerfully painful and wonderful memories.  I was immediately transported back in time to the office when I heard your voices and can still remember the taste of the hot water with Maple syrup you gave me to comfort and warm me on the first day.  Samira is such a lovely person and her story is so powerful. I hope this show will open more eyes to vaginismus and shine more light on the work you do!.”

An inquiry received after the show: “I was so relieved to have seen the story of Samira on TLC. My story is the same; I’ve received different explanations; but I know that my body and mind had to endure the same as Samira’s when trying to have sex.  I desire so much to be able to share what GOD created my vagina for and I am willing to try any treatment you suggest.”

And another inquiry: “I literally broke into tears.  The symptoms I’ve been experiencing are identical to Samira’s.  It was a MAJOR relief to find out there is a possibility that my vagina is not broken!”

From M. who was treated in 2008: “It was great visiting down memory lane!  I really enjoyed seeing the treatment room, the place where someone gets something ‘in there’ for the first time… Our entire family watched and liked it too and it helped them understand somewhat what we went through, and that alone was worth a lot!”

From N. who was treated in 2001: ” I am proud of Samira and her courage!  And, of course, of you who made it possible.”

From adult friends who never had vaginismus: “About 51 years ago we were on vacation where a newlywed couple poured their hearts to a group of us, saying they could not consummate their marriage because of much pain.  Typical advice was given: relax, have a few drinks, lubrication, patience, seek medical help…   Now I understand what was wrong.”

From J. who was treated in 2005: “Vaginismus dominated my life from the age of 15 and by now it is a distance memory.  My husband’s first wife also suffered from vaginismus and after 3 years of sexless marriage she left him. He told me this story as we were lying in bed after (my first eve) intercourse and my heart went out to her.  I tried to find her but he lost track of her.”

From A. who was treated in 2003: “I cried with Samira and Firas. My vaginismus came after the birth of my children and even as an older, mature woman, the feelings of inadaquacy were still there.  You are both extraordinaty healers; Samira and Firas are extraordinary brave.”

From P. who was treated in 2002: “It was great to see you on TV talking about this.  I also appreciated that the show incorporated the effect that strict religious upbringing can have on females.  It was certainly my problem, and not one that a lot of people are comfortable talking about.”