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When seeking treatment for vaginismus, women are divided into

  • Those who are not able to self-treat, or are not successful with self-treatment, as well as those who opt for professional help upon diagnosis.  Read Nabs’ story, and read and listen to Jessie’s story.  Our expert vaginismus treatment options — a weekly program, or a concentrated 2-week program (see details below) — were designed to provide an effective solution*.
  •  Those who can self-treat with education, encouragement, and/or self-help dilator kits obtained from their doctors, counselors, the Internet, sex shops, etc. Read Christiane’s story.

Learn about our proprietary treatment for sexual pain, the DiRoss Methodologysm

The following video is the story of Samira, a former patient of ours, who contacted Discovery/TLC television network and urged them to dedicate an episode to vaginismus.  She took a step forward by promising that she and her husband, Firas, will go face-on and expose their private details, a highly unusual bravery for anyone who suffers from this embarrassing condition.  Discovery/TLC was receptive, and it is our pleasure to stream the entire episode for you, which has since been also available on OWN (Oprah Winfrey’s Network) and Netflix.

Watch Vaginismus on Discovery TLC (Entire show)
VIDEO: Strange Sex - Secret Pain. Samira and Firas share, on public television, their story of agony, treatment, and cure. A Discovery TLC show about vaginismus, 2011 (* Results may vary from person to person)

Read Samira’s personal message, and viewers’ comments following the show.

Vaginismus treatment options:

We offer two treatment options to account for travel and time logistics.  It does not matter to us which program you choose because the end result is identical: owning the vagina and using it without limitations:

  • A weekly program if you live within a reasonable travel distance.  The entire treatment process takes 7-10 sessions, each session lasting about 50-55 minutes and dedicated to your particular needs.  We strongly recommend pre-booking 10 sessions (you pay-as-you-go) to ensure continuity without disruptions due to our busy schedule.  You will only pay for sessions attended, and we’ll delete unused sessions. If you want to speed it up, you may come twice weekly.
  • A concentrated 2-week program, suitable if you live too far to attend the weekly program, or if you have a very limited vacation time.  If interested, make sure to read the page dedicated to this option as it entails particular details.

Why choose us? Read here.

If you decide to come to us, we strongly recommend that you stop all other treatment/s.  Instead, enjoy life, engage in outercourse (non-penetrative sex, i.e. oral, manual, etc.), and leave your vagina alone until we meet.

Join A Private Pain, our support group for women (on Facebook)

Partner/husband: join Vaginismus – A Support Group for Men (on Facebook)

Contact us for further information, or to schedule an appointment.

Watch Vaginismus: two husbands’ heartfelt perspective of life with this condition
VIDEO: Vaginismus: two husbands’ heartfelt perspective of life with this condition
Watch There is hope!  Drea and husband after treatment session #7
VIDEO: Drea set up a vlog and recorded daily during her treatment process.  This clip was after day #7, when they consummated their marriage of 9 years (* Results may vary from person to person)
Watch Vaginismus – Erin & Jim discuss their struggle and their cure at Women’s Therapy Center
VIDEO: We suffered individually, and as a couple, for 7 years... (* Results may vary from person to person)
Watch Marni’s Vaginismus Cure
VIDEO: I raised religious but sex was not a secret... I was a virgin on wedding night, and that is when I realized  that my life wasn't going to be like everyone else's... (* Results may vary from person to person)
Watch Living with Vaginismus, and after a cure – a podcast featuring Marni from the video above
VIDEO: Living with Vaginismus, and after a cure – a podcast featuring Marni from the video above
Watch Vaginismus, and the secret of the socks
VIDEO: Four women from around the globe unified by vaginismus; and socks...

Vaginismus resources, and other support groups: