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Rapports sexuels pendant les règles?

16 Sep 2010 Publié par Ditza Katz dans Santé Des Femmes

Should I, or shouldn't I have intercourse during my period? Is it safe/healthy/okay to have intercourse during my period? Can I get pregnant if having intercourse during my period? Do men mind having intercourse when the woman is menstruating? Is intercourse during menstruation as sexually enjoyable as at other...

Vaginisme, revient?

10 Sep 2009 Publié par Ditza Katz dans Blog sur le vaginisme

Vaginismus is a common condition that affects women worldwide regardless of their culture, religion, education, sexual orientation, or family status.  Vaginismus is a somatic (body-mind) reaction to fear/apprehension of vaginal penetration.  It happens instantaneously and involuntarily. Women with vaginismus tend to suffer in silence and shame,...

Miction et sexe

02 Août 2009 Publié par Ditza Katz dans Dysfonction sexuelle, Santé Des Femmes

Many years ago it was believed that voiding (urinating) before and after having intercourse will guard against developing a urinary tract infection (UTI), sending women running in and out of bathrooms at a frantic pace. But was it urine in the system that caused the infection,...